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Welcome to pirate bounty hunt on Ile Des Deux Cocos!


How the Treasure Hunt Works:

Teams will be formed, each with a designated captain equipped with a smartphone containing our special app. This app will be your gateway to a series of exciting tasks and challenges.

This map will showcase multiple checkpoints, each requiring your team to respond to questions, search for items, interact with Augmented Reality, scan objects or engage in creative tasks upon arrival.

Points will be earned for every checkpoint you successfully did, and the team with the most points will emerge as the victor!

Снимок экрана 2023-10-06 в 10.47.17 PM.png

- comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty or wet, preferred: long sleeves and long legs (part of activities in tall grass and bushes)

- swimming suits

- comfortable shoes (slippers are strictly not allowed)

- anti mosquito spray, sun cream in case of sun, raincoat in case of rain (the game will take place under any conditions and will be epic;))

- for captains and vice-captains: fully charged batteries on your smartphones (android/Ios) with Internet Data and preferably power banks

- water, food and good mood will be provided;)

What to take with you?


Welcome at Lux Parking, Pointe D'Esny Blue bay Boat Transfer


Welcome on Ile des deux coco


Tea break by Lux Team 


Captain Game testing

General Briefing

Opening of Server & Game ( 2hrs )

Closing of Game

Result Ceremony

13:30 - 14.30


Open of bar

13.00 - 15.30

Open Bar 

Relax & Chilling time, Swimming, Glass Bottom visit


Boat Transfer back from Ile des deux coco to Mauritius.

Itinerary 9:30 - 16:00 

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