For companies, groups and special dates

All our games is very intelligent and have a lot team building tasks.   

For corporate games we suggest some extras: 

- start in one moment (all games will start without 30min spaces, like in usual schedule) or start in special time (special mornings or nights games)

- small personal quest "handcuffs cage" and  (5 min, 1 player) and small laboratory quest "LAByrinth" (5 min, 2 players) - usually uses for the waiting time (when others teams is in the game)

- competition mode (after all games we give all statistics and final results)

- special invitation artwork to send throw email


Our facilities:

  • Large & bright reception

  • Different waiting spaces

  • Bus Parking

  • 15 players in 3 games at the same time

  • Competition mode

  • Quiet  and cozy house and garden

  • 3 minutes from bagatelle and eureka

  • Special events (we can add some special things in to the game: tasks, music, pictures, logos, gifts, etc.)

  • Mobile quests for rent

  • Street quest on demand

  • Catering on demand

Also sometimes we do some special games:)

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illustrations by Vadim Kampel

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