We will come 10.12.2021 to ruin your workflow!

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What will happen?

1. we will meet in the zoom conference here

2. you will be divided to smaller teams in breakout rooms

3. every team will get access (link, login, password) to the game system. It will work on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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4. as soon as a team member enters - the game will begin. game will be based on time. the fastest team will win. 

5. in every round - you will have different unusual tasks, use your brain, google or call to your smart grandma - we don`t care;)

6. codes (answers) can be different - text, phrase, numbers, dates, names etc.

7. Main strategy  - work as a team: discuss, think, delegate and find solution together! also don`t forget to have fun;) 

8. We will have special creative round - you have to finished it before the time is over, but we will not count the time in this round in the final result. 

Please remember your team number, before the game we will ask you to add this number in front of your Zoom name

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Team 1 (smal meeting room near kitchen + remotely)

Dmitry Galenko

Agnė Laurušonienė

Alexander Kartsev

Evelina Zhdanova

Edgaras Vrubliauskas

Team 4 (coworking zone + remotely)

Yanina Naukovich

Dmitrii Rashchenko

Alexey Sheremetyev

Iryna Bashan

Andrey Koshmanskiy

Team 7  (big meeting room near dev2dev)

Sergej Purikov

Evelina Juzėnaitė-Podvorska

Gabija Antanaitytė


Violeta Krasnovaitė

Team 10 (remotely)

Oksana Kucheriavenko

Konstantin Ketko

Aliaksandra Breskaya

Oleg Zhukovski

Daria Antonova

Klim Novopashin

Team 2 (Matt's office + remotely)

Olga Sheremetyeva

Iuliia Vladimirovna Rashchenko

Matt Kryvashein

Viacheslav Kondaurov

Gala Starazhylava

Team 5 (snacks table in open space + remotely)

Alexander Mokhov

Yulia Korniichuk

Donatas Narbutis

Rytis Guntulis

Alexey Tishchenka

Team 8 (game insight + remotely)

Tautvydas Andrikys

Renata Fleischman

Valentina Chak

Kotryna Monkevičienė

Mantas Krulis

Team 11 (remotely)

Anna Pozniak

Liliya Kadach

Oleg Lychany

Dmitry Paranichev

Alexander Brunevsky

Sofia Guk

Team 3 (big meeting room near kitchen + remotely)

Roman Postovalov

Mikhail Moskovchenko

Sergey Gimburg

Olga Mokhova

Elena Zhukova

Team 6 (Andrey's office + remotely)

Andrey Ustyugov

Dmitrii Sherstobitov

Denis Makagonov

Svetlana Lebedeva

Artsiom Zavaley

Team 9 (remotely)

Viacheslav Kabanov

Mikhail Volodin

Oleg Suknov

Aleksandr Makarov

Natalia Frolova

Team 12 (remotely)

Dmitry Silin

Ramis Azizov

Aleksandr Maksimenko

Dmitry Konstantinovich Demidovsky

Dmitry Korobov

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Thank you for reading up to this point. See you in the game!

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