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The night it`s a time of dark affairs... Have you ever wanted to be the heroes of Guy Ritchie's films or try on Heisenberg's costume from "Breaking Bad"? Or maybe you just wanted to rob the bank? Come with us!
Night, streets, riddles, secrets, unique tasks - all here! Bad Ganstaz Street Quest Three!


This night you should look like a real gangsta! 

But remember this is just a game - hopefully, you will not have to explain anything to the police! It's your responsibility, dude!




Same like at the previous time all teams will need to have a car, smartphone, costumes and good mood! The competition will last 4 hours, full of search, brainteasers, exploring unusual places and hidden surprises! If you are brave, smart and ready to dirty business - come to join the game! 


*Attention: the game has no age restrictions, but if your children do not need to know about drugs, weapons and dirty money - better wait the Disney Street Quest ;)





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