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Dear Captain & Vice Captain

This page is especially for you.
At our event, you have a special, important role.
Through you, your team will receive tasks and through you - will send answers.

The success of your team depends on how effectively you share, communicate and manage your team!

We trust in you;)


For the event you must have a smartphone

it must be charged and have Internet access (a small amount of data, about 30-40MB)

On this smartphone, you have to install special quest application (now)

Do it now, not on the game

if you are a vice captain install the application on your mobile too. if the captain runs out of battery, you can get access


Scan this qr-code with your camera

or open this link on your mobile
or search for free app Loquiz 
in your android/ios store.

After the start of the game, you will see a map with points where the whole team needs to come. After that, you will receive a task that you need to complete in order to get points.

outdoor (1).jpg
mapgrox copy.png
phone (1).jpg

Wait until game day. your hr or game master share the login and password for the game with you


Build your strategy on how to move around the place based on the points you want to visit.

Each point has three characteristics. A number, an icon and a circle. 

1. A number show you Points you can win if you answer correctly.

2. The icon picture will show you task or question theme (icon).

3. The circle appearing on each point is the trigger radius.

To activate the task hidden in any given point, simply move inside its circle (the blue dot on the map representing your location should be inside the trigger radius). After completing the task, the point you have visited will disappear from the map.

Your map is dynamic and you can zoom in / out, center it to your point, rotate it, and align it to the compass direction.


Don`t start the game on two devices simultaneously to not lose points.

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