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Hello & Welcome to 
KIDS in Casela
special treasure hunt 
for schools outing

How the treasure hunt will work? 

1. You will divided into several teams.

2. Each team has a captain with a smartphone. The special APP should be installed on their smartphones which will be sending various tasks and challenges.

3. The captain informs the team about the task, the team helps the captain to complete the task and send a response.

4. Game based on points - more tasks completed - more points. 
phone (1).jpg

How the APP works?

1. The captain's smartphone will have a map.

 2. On the map, you will find many checkpoints, each time visit to checkpoint your team will need to answer a question, find something or complete a creative task.  

3. Your team will get points for completing or answering correctly the tasks. Number of points are written near every icon. 

4. Work as a team, be responsible and involved and visit maximum number of checkpoints!

What to take with you?

- comfortable clothes
- comfortable shoes (slippers are not allowed)
- picnic mat 
- for captains and vice-captains: fully charged batteries on your smartphones with Internet Data and preferably power banks
- water, food and good mood will be provided;)

Good luck and see you soon!

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