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Winter is here, which means it’s time for the biggest street quest in the MAURITIUS !!! Soon all the houses of Mauriteros will unite to oppose the forces of winter and white walkers!
A completely new format of the street-quest, a lot of challenging tasks, funny things and unusual places!
And of course – dragons, bows, white walkers, black brothers, swords, southern and northern lands, dwarfs and giants – in the biggest adventure of the season!


Every team will get: 
– 6 hours game experience
– Lunch pack with energy drink offered by Monster Energy
– 500rs fuel refill (Offered by TOTAL MAURITIUS – PER CAR)
– Pack with Monster Energy goodies
– Custom car sticker upon choosen House.
– Miko Products (Offered by Panagora Marketing)
– Voucher for meal (BBQ on final checkpoint)
– Entrance to After Party on the final point – With DJ David Joan / Prince V


The price of the team ticket - 6000rs. 1200 rs per person.


All participants must have: 
– Comfortable clothing and shoes (that can get dirty)
– Good mood
– A color of chosen GoT house must be a part of your costume


All teams (cars) must have: 
– A car full of fuel
– 1-2 charged smartphones with access to the mobile internet
– Smartphones should have the function of photo/video shooting
– Chargers/power banks
Be sure that your car is full of fuel. you can visit one of the total station and get fuel for 500rs 3 days
before the event or 3 days after the event (but not on the date of event!)

North : TOTAL Petit Raffray, TOTAL Desforges, Port Louis
Center : TOTAL Rose Hill
East: TOTAL Flacq
South : TOTAL Riviere des Anguilles.

** be sure that you have enough data/credit to use mobile internet
This time we will use special quest system, All hints and tasks will be in English and French



All hints and tasks will be in English and French.



You will do during this game from the start to the end of the game, you will do All that

on your own risk

It's not a race! It's a game for your brain with fun car driving!

If you have question feel free to ask on our Facebook page






You can book and pay online only.

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