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Results of 1 pre game: 

Teams: Reduce, Environmental, Sustainable, Nature were a bit faster than others and made less wrong attempts. They get 1 point each for the Big game.

Team Chemical Free also gets 1  point for the most active captain;)

Results of 2 pre game: 

All teams were amazing! thank you! 

Results are here: 

Снимок экрана 2020-09-11 в 14.37.31.png
Some words about how we count: 

All creative tasks (with photos) were different and cool. We decided to give points for all photos sent. But for Big game please read a task text very attentively and follow the rules.

We will give you an example:

in the task: "...Send a photo of the person from your team repeating the pose of this monument..."

on the team photo:

no person from

the team, 

no repeating

the pose 

on the event

we will check all 

photos and refuse

if the task is not completed. and you can`t send more than 1 photo or remake it.


Other example: 

in the task:  "...what month (English) was this monument established?"

in the team answer: 1715

in another team answer:  20 september 2015

both answers are wrong - because we asked month. 


Also, we decide to give an extra point to the team Eco-friendly for

the most creative photo: 

reduce (P69SUUW8Z).jpg
Снимок экрана 2020-09-11 в 14.58.19.png
Results after 3 pre-games: 
Today all teams were able to find the keyword ANTISCEPTICISM ;) it means 5 points for all teams!
Good job! Hope you also understand all rules and all things that you have to take with you tomorrow! 
Don`t forget to charge your smartphones, prepare internet data, upload app to spare smartphones & wear comfortable clothes and footwear to forest&fields exploration.
Please don`t be late and see you tomorrow! All our team is already looking forward to it!

Снимок экрана 2020-09-18 в 11.58.33.png
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