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Welcome to the BIG treasure hunt on Rodrigues, custom made for Valid! 

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Please install our special APP right now! 

Scan this qr-code with your camera

or open this link on your mobile
or search for free app Loquiz 
in your apps store.
Also you may install Google Map for car navigation.

Install the application on second mobile too. If the captain of your team runs out of battery, second can get access

You will need smartphone for the game: 

charged and with internet data (my-t or emtel works well on Rodrigues)

 What to take: 
- your smartphones (1 per team + 1 spare) fully charged, with internet data
- preferably power banks

sun cream in case of sun
raincoat in case of rain (the game will take place under any conditions)
- comfortable cloths that can get a little dirty/wet
comfortable shoes (say no to slippers) 


Please respect the rules of the road, assess the situation, do not run near the road where cars drive, don't exceed the speed limit and be very carefully on mountain roads.

Any disrespect to Traffic law of the Island, or dangereous driving which may cause an accident, participants shall pay an Excess of Rs 20,000 Designated Car rental company.

Also be careful on slippery and unstable rocks and bushes. Don't forget about wild animals and insects. Be conscious and do not take risks in any case.

During the game you may need those instructions:


·       Activate: GPS (location services), WiFi, and Mobile data on your mobile device

·       Open the LOQUIZ application by tapping on loquiz icon

·       You need to allow loquiz to access the device’s camera, album and location services. (a popup will appear when needed).

·       Fill in the username and password of the game (you will get right before the start) and click “Sign in”

·       You can read the game info and press “OK”

·       To start the game, tap on “Start”, and press “Yes” on the popup question asking you if you want to start the game.

·       Fill the team name and team member names

·       You can now start playing, looking for points on the map, visiting them and answering questions.

Build your strategy on how to move around the place based on the points you want to visit.
Each point has three characteristics. A number, an icon and a circle. 
1. A number show you Points you can win if you answer correctly.
2. The icon picture will show you task or question theme (icon).
3. The circle appearing on each point is the trigger radius.
To activate the task hidden in any given point, simply move inside its circle (the blue dot on the map representing your location should be inside the trigger radius). After completing the task, the point you have visited will disappear from the map.
Your map is dynamic and you can zoom in / out, center it to your point, rotate it, and align it to the compass direction.



  • I accidentally closed the app while I was playing the game, what do I do to restore the game?

  • My mobile device is running out of battery, how can I migrate my game to another device?

Open the app again. On introductory page select “Continue last game”. Your game will continue.

Close the app on the mobile you will be withdrawing from. In the new mobile, after downloading LOQUIZ, enable location services (GPS), WiFi, and Data. Open the application, enter username and password and click “Sign in”. Then click on “Resume”. Select your team name and confirm your choice. You can continue the game.

Don`t start the game on two devices simultaneously to not lose points.

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