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 Have you ever wanted to be a hero of gangsters movies? Or maybe you just wanted for one day jump to another side and be a real gangsta? Come with us!
 Streets, riddles, secrets, unique tasks - all here! Bad Ganstaz Street Quest special for SBM team!


For this day you should look like a real gangsta! 

But remember this is just a game ;)



How does the Street Quest work?

1. You will join a team, prepare crazy costumes (to make the game more fun) get into a van and come to the start


2. You will get a special envelope and log in to the special quest system (with a smartphone, don`t need to install any app). Here you will get clues, puzzles and hints during all game.

3. During the game, you have to visit several checkpoints with different unusual tasks, attractions and challenges, perform fun tasks and get the points


4. After completing all the tasks or finishing the time, you come to the finish point, we count the points and reward the winners!




Every team should have minimum 2 smartphones, internet data, gangsters costumes, comfortable clothes and shoes, and a good mood! Better to have power banks, raincoats in case of rain and sun cream in case of sun) The competition will last 4 hours, full of search, brainteasers, exploring unusual places and hidden surprises! If you are brave, smart and ready to dirty business - come to join the game! 




Photos from the previous games:

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