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Brightest teambuilding events ever!

Let's make it happen together!

  • Over 15,000 satisfied teams

  • Professional approach

  • The most creative and experienced team in Mauritius

Ultimate Team Building and  Edutainment experience in Mauritius


Loved by managers & employees of these companies and more:


Prepare to WOW your team!

Our creative crew has crafted unique and engaging formats like the Phygital Treasure Hunt, Detective Business Game, and much more for incredible team bonding!

We also partner with the island's most unforgettable locations (domains, parks, hotels, and exceptional venues).

The outcome? An impressive 97.4% of clients say our experiences meet or surpass their expectations. We've also received five-star reviews on Facebook and other platforms. Your team is going to love it!

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"Awesome team building with Dodo Quest! Loved using our phones in a modern twist. Super easy to get the hang of and loads of fun tasks. We’re definitely coming back!"

Jayden Appadoo


Not boring! 
we make edutainment - it means education trough games!

Advanced Tech
Forget about papers, waiting time, not fare result and old school activities

Huge experience
We did big events for +1000 persons, we know what means responsibility and quality

HRDC refund
all our courses are certified, we will help you to go trough all processes 

Not just fun
We make games, but games that  bring knowledge and bonding  

Fast respond
We are here for you

Outdoor teambuildings

Our digital treasure hunt is a contemporary take on the classic game. Replace paper maps and clues with a specialized APP featuring a customized digital map and over 50 checkpoints scattered across the area.


Each checkpoint offers unique challenges, creative, search tasks and tasks with Augmented Reality and GPS!

Indoor & Business games

Discover our Indoor & Business Games, blending training with entertainment. Perfect for offices or any indoor venue, these sessions turn learning into an engaging adventure.

Dive into our detective game, for instance, where employees sharpen team skills by solving puzzles together. It's not just about the mystery; it's about building connections and enhancing collaboration in a fun, interactive way. Experience edutainment that leaves a lasting impact.


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