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Mysterious box #3

The third pre-game will be held indoor. 

 Your captain will have to answer the key word (colored) in app but you can help him/her with all these questions. Good luck! (game is not time based)


3. name of the place where the game will take place: gros ... 5. your team smartphone and spare smartphone must have internet access (with data) and be 100% ...

7. what else can you take with you to keep your smartphone from running out of power?

10. name the company who makes this game (2 words in 1) 12. you need to allow to our APP access the camera, album, and location services. What is another name of location services?

13. what footwear is not allowed at the event?

14. the main theme of the event


1. what your team will use to get tasks

2. how many teams do we have (answer in word)

4. what you have to take with you in case of rain

6. while playing on the map, what do the numbers next to the checkpoint icon mean?

8. name the song for the dance contest

9. what ability do you need to use when the team is at the checkpoint with the camera image?

11. how many smartphones from one team can be connected to the game in one moment (in letters)

Безымянный-2_Монтажная область 1.jpg

to answer all question you have to read all rules on the main page and rules for captains

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